Energetic utilization of municipal waste

In view of the finite availability of fossil fuels, the thermal utilization of waste represents a proven and resource-saving technology for energy conversion. Modern waste incineration plants effectively exploit the energy potential of the waste. They take on a pioneering role over other large combustion plants thanks to advanced air pollution control technology. Due to the quasi-continuous waste generation and only seasonal fluctuations, the output of electricity from waste is well dispatchable.

The RenErGate Group commits itself to the task of efficiently utilizing even low energy potentials and enabling the energy exploitation of diverse raw material sources. With our inventiveness and outstanding engineering capabilities, we offer ideal solutions for sustainable and clean waste recycling - the RENERGATOR Performance Modules.

The RENERGATOR modules are equipped with a combustion unit that can be extended with an energy module or a cooling module. In this way, municipal waste and industrial residues can be used for energy recovery. In order to achieve the highest possible yield, the RENERGATOR energy systems are specifically adapted to the customer's needs. The generated electricity as well as the generated heat or cold can be fed into the public grid or used directly on-site. This leads to a significant reduction of consumption and thus to the saving of valuable fossil fuels and the associated CO2 emissions.

The use of RENERGATOR modules will establish a future-oriented and profitable technology in the disposal sector. With its waste management solutions, the RenErGate Group combines innovative technology, economic efficiency and social responsibility into one outstanding product.