Energetic utilization of Associated Petroleum Gas (APG)

Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) is a by-product of oil extraction that occurs in the oil reservoirs in dissolved form and as a gas cap above the oil reserves. It consists mainly of methane and other hydrocarbons such as ethane, propane or butane and is comparable to natural gas in terms of chemical composition. However, the chemical composition of APGs is locally different. On average, 128 cubic meters of associated gas are produced per ton of crude oil.

World Bank calculations assume a total production volume of 512 billion cubic meters of associated gas per year. This is close to 15 percent of the global natural gas demand. Large parts of the associated gas are returned to the oil reservoir or flared on site. The flared gas quantities alone generate 350 million tons of CO2 every year.

The flaring of associated gas comes along with a huge environmental impact. Moreover, it shows that valuable raw material resources are not fully exploited. RenErGate is committed to the efficient use of energy potentials and various sources of raw materials. The RENERGATOR Performance Modules offer a safe and efficient solution to replace polluting flares in the oil and gas as well as the petrochemical industry. Due to the relatively high proportion of methane and other volatile hydrocarbons, an energetic use of the associated gas is an ecologically and economically viable alternative. The RENERGATOR modules are equipped with micro gas turbines, which are particularly suitable for the use of lean and ultra-lean gases. In cooperation with exclusive partners, the energy modules are specifically adapted to the needs of the customer and thus achieve the highest level of efficiency.

The generated electricity can be used directly on site, so that the internal energy consumption of the plants can be significantly reduced. This leads to the saving of valuable fossil fuels and the associated CO2 emissions. In addition, the controlled combustion of the associated gas causes a significant reduction in soot and light emissions. RENERGATOR modules enable future-oriented and profitable solutions for the safe operation of petrochemical processes. RENERGATOR combines innovative technology, economy and social responsibility into one outstanding product.