Solar Power - Photovoltaics

Currently, the RenErGate Group is developing photovoltaic power plants of the 100-kW and MW-class in the south of Iran. With its well-developed infrastructure and excellent conditions for renewable electricity generation, the region offers an optimal environment for market development in the field of renewable energies.

Iran is characterized by a large availability of space and high electricity demand, especially in the economic centers. Local politics promotes the establishment of international companies and facilitates the market penetration. In addition, the region possesses outstanding development opportunities beyond the national borders. Investments in PV power plants pay off within 5 years. The energy payback period of the power plants is considerably less than one year.

The province of Kerman is currently the most important region for the construction of our PV power plants. With 11 % of its land area and 2.9 million inhabitants, Kerman is the second largest province in the country and lies about 800 km southeast of Tehran. The region offers a favorable altitude with a global radiation of approx. 2,100 kilowatt hours per square meter as well as over 300 sunny days in a year.

The mountain foothills of the Zagros Mountains induce a special climatic conditions, which has a positive effect on the operational behavior of PV cells. Due to the falling winds on the ridges of the mountain foothills, there is a continuous flow of air, which improves the operating points of solar cells by its cooling effect. Despite the high level of solar radiation, this prevents overheating and thus maintains the high efficiency of PV cells.

The particularly good starting conditions for photovoltaic-based electricity generation are only one reason for choosing this location. The well-developed infrastructure with direct connections to the capital city, Teheran, and also the seaport Bandar Abbas ensure a reliable and safe operation of PV power plants.