Why we exist

We are offering a simple, secure and clean power supply.

With our power plants, we are supporting a large number of houses with energy obtained from renewable energy sources. By these means we can save thousands of tons of CO2-emissions every year and mitigate the ecological stress imposed upon our environment.

Through our projects, we are creating sustainable jobs in the future-oriented field of renewable energies. Particularly rural areas are benefiting from our business model of decentralized and regional energy supply. Beyond this, we are contributing to the cultural exchange between the regions and are seeding economical impulses, which trigger sustainable growth. We intensify economic relations, promote technological transfer and advocate for an equitable distribution of resources.

What we believe in

The biggest challenge of the 21st century is combating climate change.

We strongly believe in a successful energy transition, but we also know that global efforts are needed in order to be prepared for the challenges ahead. That is why we are committed to regions that offer high potentials, but have not contributed much to the limitation of global warming yet.

What we offer

We provide efficient, clean and secure energy solutions tailored to our customers. Sustainably oriented investors benefit from our long-term cooperation in the field of renewable energies and the corresponding green growth opportunities.

Through our long-term commitments, we enable above-average returns and the opportunity to participate in the global energy transition, generate added value and mitigate the environmental problems of the world.

Where we commit ourselves

We are primarily involved in regions which possess high potentials for renewable energy conversion and enable an efficient operation of renewable energy sources.

In particular, this concerns the markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which are located on the Sunbelt of the Earth between the 20th and 40th degrees of latitude. Here, our focus lies on the development of projects in rural regions.

Through the generation of added value in the field of renewable energies, sustainable jobs are created and regional economic growth is promoted.

What we do

Our core projects include the financing, construction and operation of solar power plants of the 100-kW and the MW-class.

We offer decentralized and modular solutions for the energetic use of low calorific fuels in combined heat and power cycles. Through the utilization of the so-called Hidden Fuels we can utilize wastes and other residues that are normally not to be used as a source of energy.

In the field of plant construction, we design tailor-made engineering solutions, even for demanding applications such as in the field of process engineering and process technology.

Last but not least, we are active in the field of management consulting. We offer differentiated analyses for the market development and advise your company regarding specific issues.

Who we are

Our company consists of an international and interdisciplinary team. We are strongly flexible and find solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges.

Due to our locations in Berlin-Schoenefeld, Cottbus and Kerman, we are always available and can correspond directly with our partners.

We have excellent expertise in the market of renewable energies as well as in plant and process engineering. Our distinctive networks are important assets for our sustainable growth strategy.

We are committed to the global energy transition, in order to tackle global warming.

Who we work with

We work exclusively with certified companies and suppliers, with whom we maintain long-term and trusting relationships.

Our partners look back on a long lasting and successful history of project realization in the field of renewable energies and plant engineering. Our relation to other companies is strongly based on a long-term nature and relies on intensive collaboration with our partners.