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Combined heat and power - RENERGATOR Performance Modules

Another business area of the RenErGate Group is the Externally Fired Gas Turbine (EFGT) "Made in Germany" in the performance class of 50–250kWel.

The distinctive feature of the modularly utilizable and expandable gas turbine lies within its straightforward operation, the uncompromising combustion of various fuels, as well as the diverse range of application. The gas turbines are suitable for base load operations and reach an energy conversion efficiency of 25% with calorific inferior fuels. Thus, with the possibility to burn low calorific gas and lean gas from i.e. landfills (methane content <30%), it becomes possible to utilize those fuels energetically.

Through the application of so called "Hidden Fuels" in the decentralized combined heat and power generation, fuels like municipal waste, screen overflows and remains from agriculture industry can be converted into electricity and heat, which otherwise would not be used energetically.