About us


We strongly believe that a professional and experienced team provides the foundation for a healthy enterprise. Our team consists of highly qualified engineers and financial experts. Each of our employees is a specialist in his or her individual field of work and has acquired competence and practical knowledge in an international setting. The performance of each team member is important to us and will be individually supported, being aware that we can achieve our goals only through teamwork.

Our individual competences manifest in the fields of power and systems engineering, power plant planning and operations, corporate finance as well as quality management. Together we possess excellent networks, strong communication abilities and a target-oriented corporate structure.

One of our most important strengths is our international line-up with strong global clusters. Each individual business branch is maintained directly by our local experts on site.

While the strategic direction of our corporation, as well as the coordination of the projects, is ensured by our headquarters in Germany, the management on site is responsible for acquisitions and operations. The international coordination of our projects is managed by our interdisciplinary team that excels in both worlds.